PRIDE is a fabulous Cardano stake pool that offers 4 tokens by participating in multiple ISPOs including Hosky.

The platform consists of infrastructure that spans the globe for resilient block production and validation including hidden private relays, public relays, and two block producers.

We employ performant bare metal and cloud nodes across multiple providers to reduce single point of failures. Nodes are:

  • security Security hardened
  • monitor_heart 24/7 Monitoring
  • cloud_upload Backed-up daily
  • phone_iphone Oncall SMS paging to resolve any issues
  • edit All signing performed on secure offline cold hosts


PRIDE is part of several ISPOs like Hosky, so you earn all of your ADA and $HOSKY and other tokens. We'll continue to participate in future ISPOs.


PRIDE is committed to provide value to delegators and the Cardano network by providing great ROI on your ADA, committing to being here for years to come, supporting decentralization, and being involved with the community.

PRIDE is a mission driven pool that donates to LGBTQIA+ non-profits, and is a member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance. Every year PRIDE celebrates #CardanoPride. Thanks for supporting small single pools!